The Team:


HI! I am FruityFusion, a horse music producer from germany.
I founded HMC in May 2016 as a Discord group for people, that share the same interrest, horse music. It overall evolved to a giant horse music producer chat and now also to a Label and regular album!

Violin Melody

Mare. Not a simple horse, unicorn. In brony fandom since the beginning.
She is a musician and a game developer. One of the 'A State of Sugar' founders.
She creates Trance and Electro House tracks mostly.
She loves butterflies but she is afraid to be touched by them.
In the HMC Team since first album release - she was introduced by FruityFusion.


Hi, I’m Spectra! I’ve been a brony since August 2011 but never
really got involved with the fandom until 2014 when I started publishing my music.
Music is one of my major passions in life (aside from languages), and my passion
for brony music has only grown over the years. I ‘specialise’ in electronic music
(not just “EDM”!), but I like many different genres; feel free to discuss a bit of
alternative rock or blues music with me. I’ll do my best to make Horse Music Herald
a haven for quality brony music, and I hope you like what we have to offer!